Crash to Superhuman. Ian MItchell joins host Nick Urban on the Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast.

Imagine getting bucked off your motorcycle while heading down the freeway at 65 MPH. Fractured bones, TBI, rampant inflammation, road rash, the prognosis is usually quite bleak. What if instead of following the standard of care, you had the best tools of modern science at your disposal? Is it possible that you’d be up and walking several weeks later? While I certainly recommend following your medical professional's advice, our guest this week took a different approach and got some unbelievable results.

Mind Body Peak Performance is the weekly podcast for folks dedicated to maximizing their overall quality of life.

Invictus Podcast (March 1st, 2023)

Bryce Smith sits down with Ian Mitchell! Ian is an inventor, scientist, biochemist, and founder of Wizard Sciences. At Wizard Sciences they work to develop groundbreaking supplements to help with brain function, anti-aging, and performance optimization. Ian has a wide array of milestones which includes working with NASA astronauts and Olympic athletes to help optimize performance through his performance optimization research.

overcome Podcast: The Miracle Molecule

Ian Mitchell and Leo Mayrhofer sitdown and talk ingredients and the some of the science behind Wizard Science serums. Overcome is a podcast that goes beyond bodybuilding and fitness. Overcome explores mental toughness, dedication, business (strategies), society, ethics, moral, philosophy, virtue/s, self consciousness and awareness.

Luke Storey Podcast #465

Over the past decade, today’s guest Ian Mitchell has developed a series of novel therapeutics using lipoic conjugates and holds multiple patents across a host of different scientific disciplines, such as nanomedicine and materials science. We talk about several brain-bending topics, such as my recent visit to his mind-blowing lab in Tulsa and the stuff we saw there, like his fireproofing technology, oxygen water, carbon-negative concrete, and the really crazy hyperbaric oxygen chamber he built by himself.

Ian and Luke talk in-depth about something called C60, which can help with free radical damage from EMF. Ian shares his take on global warming, biohacking supplements that are actually needle movers, and advice for earthing and grounding.

They also spend some time talking about his innovative treatments for dementia, why he thinks Alzheimer's is totally treatable, and he explains how scientists are making strides in age regression.

Integrative Thoughts Podcast March 10th, 2023. Ian Mitchell | Exploring Consciousness, C60, and Quantum Technology with the Wizard Scientist!

Integrative Thoughts Podcast March 10th, 2023. Ian Mitchell | Exploring Consciousness, C60, and Quantum Technology with the Wizard Scientist! Join Matthew Coffman as he interviews Ian Mitchell.

Ben Greenfield Life Podcast

Ian Mitchell is back on the Ben Greenfield Life Podcast to discuss quantum biology, frog poison, and other “crazy mad scientist” topics.

Ian is a man that wears many hats. He's the Polymath in Residency at Ecliptic Capital, the Lead Scientist at Biocharged and Wizard Sciences, the head of R&D at BioHack, and the Leading Researcher at Carbon60. At Carbon60, Ian is working towards bringing quantum medicine to the forefront using nanoparticles and many other modalities to enhance peoples’ and their pets’ lifespans, and more importantly, their healthspans. Ian's other company, Biocharged, was inspired by Nikola Tesla, the original expert in ozone, and is committed to packing as much ozone into a pill as possible.

The Muscle Intelligence Podcast with Ben Pakulski #227. BOOST Mitochondrial Function and EXPAND Your Mind with Ian Mitchell.

Ben reached out to Ian after discovering his revolutionary approach to mitochondrial optimization – a subject that is paramount to longevity, performance and achievement. Ian and I cover everything from how to optimize the body's production of ATP... to the possibility of healing the central nervous system... to space travel... to the infinite links between quantum biology, meditation, and creativity.