What is Wizard Sciences? +
Are your products safe? +
Where can I learn more about each Wizard product? +
How long does it take to feel the effects of a Wizard product? I’m not feeling anything yet. What do I do? +
Will the benefits of Wizard products continue if I stop taking them? +
Are there any side effects of Wizard products? +
What is a lipofullerine? +
What is the difference between EvolveRX and ELIXIRX? +
Why are some Wizard Sciences products based in coconut oil and some based in olive oil? +
What’s the best time of day to take my Wizard Sciences product? +
What starting dosage should I begin with? +
Explain the benefits of a Wizard Sciences cycling off/on protocol? +
What are the benefits of C60 in olive oil versus ELIXIRX coconut oil? +
I love all the recipes that Wizard gives me to add products. What are the temperature limits of Wizard products as I use them in my cooking? +
What is the shelf life of a Wizard Product? +
Can I use more than one Wizard product at the same time? +
Tell me about your ingredients? +
How can I ask a question? +
How long will it take to hear back? +
What if I have a question about my order/subscription? +
Do you ship internationally? +
What is your refund policy? +
I need to cancel my order. What do I do? +
Can Wizard products help with joint health and joint pain? +
How does Wizard’s C60 product differ from "other Carbon 60 products on the market?" +
Are Wizard Sciences products legal for consumption by pro athletes? +
What is the difference between your CAPRYLIC ACID (C-8) LIPOFULLERENE formulas and your EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL LIPOFULLERENE formulas? +
What formula should I take to heal and detoxify? +
Is there a recommended way to take Caprylic Acid (C-8) Lipofullerene formulas? +
The Formulas make me nauseous. What should I do? +
Can a Wizard Sciences formula help with dementia? +
Hi, Which product would you recommend for short-term memory issues? +
What formula do you recommend for athletes wanting to get stronger, faster, bigger, etc.? +